Sensory modulation, Motor skills And Regulatory Treatment Manuals

Introducingthe Sensory modulation, Motor skills And Regulatory Treatment (SMART) Programme

SMART allows education provisions to advance areas of development via Sensory Motor and Regulatory Treatment, without the need of an on-site professional. Without development of a child’s sensory modulation and regulatory systems, they will always struggle to process, learn and remain focused in the educational setting. By integrating our programmes, you can help a child reach their full potential both in and out of the classroom.

There are specially designed programme manuals per year group, nursery to year 6 and a separate manual for secondary schools. This programme can be used year upon year and work developmentally to improve the child’s performance in every aspect of their life, not only within the educational setting but within the home environment too.

How Does it Work?

How Does it Work?

The clinically established programmes are graded in terms of functional and educational development. This unique approach combines the principles of therapeutic input with academic progression, via a multisensory approach to learning, providing children with motor and sensory difficulties, access to occupational therapy. Through multisensory activities and a sensory rich environment, we can stimulate a child’s sensory systems and develop their core foundation movement skills.

What’s Included?

Each manual contains 12-week programmes progressing through each term, instructions, activities, resources and demonstrative photos to aid the successful delivery of the programme. Alongside each manual you will receive a DVD which demonstrates all the activities found within the programmes.

SMART Training

Delivered by one of our fully qualified occupational therapists, staff will understand why and how the programme works and how to deliver it within the education environment. This session gives staff an understanding of the motor and sensory systems and how these relate to a child’s academic performance, how the programmes will help a child’s development and how to alter the programmes and curriculum to be most effective within the school. Staff will be shown how to use the Future Steps Screening Tool to measure development of a child throughout and ensure the programme is being effective.

What will we need?

The programmes use everyday equipment found within most schools, such as space hoppers, benches and trampolines, as well as smaller items like bean bags and wrist weights. A full list of equipment will be provided to you.

Screening Tools are recommended to support schools who are running SMART independently, as they assist considerably in monitoring the progression of children accessing the programme.

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