School Treatments and Regular Interventions Via Education

The Onsite Collaborative process

STRIVE is the weaving of therapeutic practice into the educational environment. Future Steps onsite therapists are there for you and the needs of your provision, whether this is one-to-one treatment delivered by therapists, one-to-one training to education staff on the delivery of programmes, support at clinical meetings and much more.



This is the opportunity for schools to have a fully qualified occupational therapist on a long or short-term basis. Schools can opt to have a therapist on mornings/afternoons or for the full school day, as often as required. Your Occupational Therapist can provide extensive advice and guidance throughout the school, in addition to delivering Assessments, programmes, treatments for groups and individuals and implementing strategies. It is important to note, that there is a STRIVE delivery format, however, this is your provision and it is tailored to the needs that you identify as the most significant.

Progress and Outcome Data Tracking


Each child is scored in 25 areas, both prior intervention and post. This takes into consideration the current educational-based progression framework in conjunction with the following areas: Social & Emotional, Modulation & Regulation, Motor, Praxis, and Executive Function. The data is collated into live reports and can be requested at any point during your provision, which will detail clinical caseload and progression in your school.

Prior Intervention

Post intervention

Overall Impact

Social Emotional Progress

Regulation Progress



Our commitment

Known commonly as sight, however the visual system is more than just ‘seeing’. This system allows for visual figure-ground, meaning we can tell the difference between objects in the foreground and background. It also allows us to have visual motor skills, which are movements based upon those we have seen. For example, when a child learns to write they imitate the movements that they have seen their teacher perform.

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