School Testimonials

Reid Street Scholarship:

TA, Mr Lazenby “The progress we have made has just been immense in just a short space of time.”

“The training we received was so personal, passionate and in-depth, it was really easy to get on board with it.”

Foundation Stage, Lead Mrs Jones “The children are more confident in themselves and the enthusiasm they have for it, that in itself says a lot!”

Vice Principal, Mrs Robson “The benefits from what we have had this year, have just been huge.”

St Bede’s RC Primary STRIVE Provision

At St Bede’s we work closely with Future Steps to provide assessment and treatment for those children who have motor and sensory difficulties. The visiting OT provides training and assistance to staff on a weekly basis to ensure that we can provide the right level of support needed. Both the SMART and EARTH interventions are well received by the children and have had a very positive impact on their progress.

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