Introducing the EARTH Handwriting ProgrammeTM

This handwriting programme is different to others, as it is an occupational therapy intervention for schools, designed to develop a child’s fine motor skills and handwriting, without them leaving the classroom, or even their chair. Taking 10 minutes to complete, the structured programme can be delivered daily with minimimal disruption to the children and the curriculum. EARTH Handwriting programmes can be run year on year, without the need for an onsite professional.


Spelling requires the child/young person to accurately know the relationship between sounds and letters (phonics) and understand the morphology (word structure) and orthography (spelling structure) of words. As well as sequential and visual memory to retain and understand the spelling of words.

What's Included?

Each manual contains a termly programme timetable, resources and a step-by-step guide including photos on how to successfully deliver the programme. Alongside each Earth Manual is a DVD, which demonstrates the activities in the programme to ensure that it is being implemented correctly, for maximum success.

The EARTH package is inclusive of a half-day training session, which includes a tutorial on delivering the programme and also key components of STEPS”The Journey of Handwriting”Course.

What Will We Need?

All resources you will need for the Earth Handwriting Programme are included in the manual and can be photocopied and laminated for use in the activities. Additional equipment you will need include everyday items such as stress balls, tweezers, sand and whiteboards. A full list of resources for the programme will be provided to you.

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