Group Intervention

Future STARS

Future STARS

Future STARS is a 14-week therapy group programme, with an initial session to introduce parents to the programme, their role and the environment, then 12 weekly sessions of intervention including parent and child activities. With the final session for parents only, in order to reflect on the process, including all learning and activities, so they can have a continual, long term benefits to the developing child.

The group programme features safe spaces, music, sensory integration treatment and activities, social engagement, non-directive play therapy and evidenced-based Attachment activities centred on regulation in accordance with Dynamic Maturational Model of Patterns of Attachment (DMM).

Future STARS is designed specially around the needs of children with sensory and attachment difficulties to support and develop their regulatory systems, emotional and behavioural responses, sensory-motor foundations, and positive attachments to others. This will enable them to meet their potential in terms of milestones, emotional regulation, and preparing the child with the skills for school and everyday life. The activities and treatments used in the programme are researched and evidence-based techniques that alter the way a child responds in relation to their thoughts, feeling and environment and, therefore, helps them to learn and attain.

Activities provided to facilitate regulation will support the family by altering the way the brain and central nervous system interprets and respond to everyday challenges or threat. Allowing the caregiver and child the ability to enjoy their environment, interact socially and cope with difficult emotions or situations, whilst being able to express these emotions comfortably and appropriately. Engagement in sensory-rich activities, for the caregiver and child will strengthen the pathways in the central nervous system and higher levels of the brain.

By supporting this and promoting positive family attachments, the child will feel more confident to learn, explore and have fun with their caregiver. Facilitating co-regulation and wellbeing to sustain long term positive relationships needed across the life span.