Family Testimonials

Kathryn and Francesca – September 2019

Elizabeth has made outstanding progress in so many different areas

since starting the Future Steps Programme. The whole team have been so friendly, helpful and supportive to us all and Elizabeth has loved coming to her sessions.

Karen – September 2019

Improvements at home and school have been noticed and he has settled into his new base and classroom well. We love Future Steps and we recommend them to anyone and everyone!

Nichola – September 2019

My son no longer gags at the sight of shaving foam! Excellent, patient therapists always explain “why” each activity is done and what the expected outcome is.

Arron – September 2019

Thank you very much, your team are amazing. Today I got the result I’ve only been dreaming of for years due to the report you guys did for me. Brilliant service, see you guys soon.

Sarah and Jason – September 2019

Harry first attended the Future Steps Clinic in summer 2018 and the progress he has made in this time has been exceptional. His muscle tone, posture, strength and confidence has improved no end and I have been amazed by the improvements in his writing and other motor skills.  Harry has been able to start riding his scooter and we are even considering attempting bike riding, both things that seemed unattainable nearly two years ago!

The team at Future Steps have also helped us to work on Harry’s sensory issues, particularly his teeth grinding and there has been a great reduction in this habit.  Overall me and my husband cannot recommend Future Steps enough and the therapists working with us and the school are dedicated and caring professionals who work so hard to improve the lives of the children they work with!!

Thank You from the bottom of our hearts!

Jill – Aug 2019

“The process has helped my insight and understanding of Ava’s responses and mine. Clinicians have been sensitive and reflective. Thank you.”

Sara – Aug 2019

“We’ve had an amazing experience at Future Steps. They’ve helped my little boy in so many ways, we are so grateful for the help and would recommend them to anyone considering it”

Kathryn – Aug 2019

“I massively appreciate the time spent in listening to my concerns and ensuring that I understand the issues that Jake has and ways forward in supporting him”


Sharon – Aug 2019

“One of the first times our son’s issues have made sense and there appears to be a light at the end of the tunnel”

Zoe – Aug 2019

“Future Steps have been amazing from the start of the assessment to the very end of the assessment. Everything is explained to you in detail”

Jayden’s School – July 2019

A huge thank you to you all for the help and support you gave school with our child who you worked with. Whenever we needed support, either in school or for him to come across to you, you willingly re-organised schedules and were flexible in order to support us and we are so grateful for that. The child in question, is a lovely little boy who deserves to have his complex needs met so that he feels confident, clever (which he is) and able to be proud of what he has achieved against some tough issues e.g. ADHD diagnosis, assessment by many different agencies, changes in medication which sometimes confused and frightened him but as a school we knew you were there supporting us. To see ‘our boy’ walk happily out of school on the last day of term, knowing he has a place in St Marks and has already attended there a few sessions make such a difference and we could not have done it without your help and support. Thank you so much. It was really appreciated!

Alison – June 2019

The Future Steps Team have been excellent with Anthony. He has developed strength, agility and coordination and this has helped with his confidence. Thank you so much for your time and help.

Emma – April 2019

It’s been lovely to see Maisy grow in confidence and build friendships with the staff. Her emotions seem to be better managed and her motor skills have made improvement too.

Sarah – April 2019

Absolutely fantastic. I cannot believe the difference in Luke in comparison to this time last year. It’s phenomenal and makes such a difference to our every day lives.

Philippa – April 2019

Future Steps has had a positive impact on my daughter’s self-esteem, confidence and determination in her own ability. Staff are friendly and engaging and Tilly loves it here!

Diane – April 2019

Wonderfully resourceful team. Superb environment and equipment. Lucy enjoys her time with you which is a relief for me because she is being challenged.

Alison – February 2019

“If my Grandson had not come to Future Steps for intensive therapy, I would be in a very dark place, with no hope. Future Steps have given Theo and our family a much brighter future.”

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