Family Intervention

This is a holistic treatment approach that focuses on facilitating co-regulation between child and parent, through video analysis, identification and analysis of the states of arousal in both parent and child, one-one education sessions for parents combined with Sensory Integration for the child or young person.

What is it?

The Sensory Attachment Intervention (SAI) is a treatment pathway for children and adults who have experienced traumatic events, such as neglect, or time spent away from loved ones. Traumatised individuals tend to operate in a persistent mode of fear, meaning that they are unable to identify safe and unsafe sensory experiences.

How can it support me as a parent or carer?

It is designed to help you gain a greater understanding of any challenges you may be experiencing in your relationship with your child. The process explores how you can increase your confidence in supporting your child, especially with what you see as more challenging behaviour and to develop self-care strategies. This will help develop greater self-awareness and how you increase the understanding of how your child’s early experiences have impacted their development and ability to trust and be in relationships.  It enables the child’s needs to be met whilst helping to build and develop your own skills and confidence to support them to regulate.

How will it help my child?

Experiences in the womb and in early childhood, greatly impact on a child’s capacity to cope with stress. Such experiences may cause an increase in tendencies to flee, fight, freeze or to disengage from the environment (dissociate). This pathway has been created to gain a deeper understanding of your child’s history so that our therapists are able to help with any difficulties through therapeutic treatment at our clinic. In addition to the list in our welcome page, the pathway will help to identify why your child may react and feel a certain way and through understanding this, the therapist is able to help build their relationships with you and others around them.

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