Future Steps provides treatment for babies from just a few weeks old. This treatment will develop their sensory-motor foundations, enabling them to meet their potential, in terms of milestones, emotional regulation, and preparing children with the skills for nursery and school. The activities and treatments used in treatment are researched and evidence-based techniques that alter the way a child responds in relation to their environment and therefore helps them to learn and attain. Future steps pride itself on our techniques and approaches as we know the benefits and outcomes they have on a child or young person’s life. The treatments are carried out by trained Sensory Integration Occupational Therapist with expertise in attachment and regulation of emotions with a focus of improving functioning and the ability to grade and adapt activities to suit children of different abilities.

Little Steps  <br>Group Programme

Little Steps
Group Programme

An occupational therapy led group for babies and toddlers, which invites parents to be play a vital part in their child’s development of sensory motor foundations,that will enable them to meet their full potential, in terms of milestones, regulation, and preparation for Nursery and School. Helping to child take the little steps to succeed in daily life,by developing the foundations of their motor and sensory systems.

Aims of 24-36 months Programme <br> - Preparing children for school

Aims of 24-36 months Programme
- Preparing children for school

  • Improved balance and motor planning to assist running, riding a bike and navigating objects
  • To develop the ability to use both sides of the body together and promote dominance for mark making
  • To develop fine motor skills to support independent dressing
  • Increased ability to play with others
  • Increased ability to manage emotions
  • To improve ability to listen and follow instructions
  • To provide strategies and education to parents/carers to promote further development at home
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