Carolyn McTimoney Scholarship

The Carolyn McTimoney Occupational Therapy Scholarship for Primary Schools in Darlington

The Carolyn McTimoney Occupational Therapy Scholarship for Primary Schools in Darlington will allow for more children, schools and families to have access to these much-needed services than ever before.

This Scholarship has been developed in memory of Carolyn McTimoney. Carolyn has been a lifelong friend and colleague who supported the development of Future Steps in 2013 – 2015.

Sadly, Carolyn lost her life to cancer on 3rd March 2018, in memory of Carolyn, Julie wanted to do something truly amazing and long lasting that would be a tribute to her life and memory, in recognition for her contribution to children’s occupational therapy.

The Carolyn McTimoney Scholarship is awarded on a yearly basis and completed during academic terms, each year the awarded school receives:

  • Teacher Training sessions
  • SMART and Earth Handwriting Manuals for Early Years
  • STRIVE Consultancy Sessions
  • Screening Tools to monitor development

With this Scholarship schools can:

With this Scholarship schools can:

  • Reduce exclusions
  • Improve attention in the classroom
  • Reduce anxieties in the child
  • Improve the emotional wellbeing of staff and pupils
  • Integrate a model that is effective in developing the foundation skills required for learning
  • Improve knowledge for staff, parents, and children
  • Offer provision and interventions that match the needs of the pupils and staff
  • Engage the whole-school community in the importance of sensory-motor foundations and the effect these have on the child’s ability to learn
  • Capture the views of parents, pupils, and teachers on what affects the child’s ability to learn

Red Hall Primary – Current Awardees 19/20

First Term Feedback Reid Street Primary – Awardees 18/19

First Term Feedback Reid Street Primary – Awardees 18/19

“It’s been a busy and exciting term since we started our year-long venture with Future Steps.  Receiving the Carolyn McTimoney Scholarship Award has meant that so far, around 20 KS1 children have been able to access the SMART intervention and we are seeing huge improvements in their ability to follow instructions, complete physical tasks and organise themselves ready for learning.  We have even managed to keep it running during the busy Christmas period time when hall time is difficult to get hold of! Additionally, staff have taken activities from SMART interventions and are building them into daily routines and playground activities – we plan to look at playground activities in greater depth. Miss Mennell, Specialist Teaching Assistant, has also introduced the SMART activities into KS2.  In KS1, all pupils are taking part in the EARTH handwriting intervention three times a week.  This work is hugely beneficial to our pupils. For some children the physical process of handwriting alone can make them dislike writing, so a programme like EARTH is great to ensure that all our pupils feel that they are able to make progress and have a sense of achievement. The staff have particularly enjoyed working with Julie and Lynn in training, or during 1-1 assessments of pupils and feel that the scholarship is helping them to adapt their teaching styles to support those who may need something a little different. We are looking forward to next term and to continuing on this learning experience and appreciate how special this scholarship is.”

Mrs Robson

Vice Principal