Occupational Therapy assessments are essential to understanding sensory processing and motor challenges, how they impact in life and are vital to forming strategies and treatment plans to support development of these areas. A child or young person may require an assessment if they have challenges with…

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What to Expect from an
Occupational Therapy Assessment?


Firstly, Future Steps gathers data from home and school to determine background information, this includes questionnaires and Sensory Profiles. The findings of questionnaires and Sensory Profiles are included within the report. Example Background Information: Pregnancy, Infancy/Toddlerhood, Medical History, Significant Events,Hobbies and Play activities, Behaviour and Attention, Fine Motor Skills, Gross Motor Skills, Independence Skills, Sensory Difficulties, Education and Performance


Our therapists apply a combination of standardised measures and clinical observations during the initial assessment session, they do this through a series of fun activities and develop a great rapport with individuals. This session is varying in length (45 mins  – 90 mins) , usually taking place within our clinic and is a one-one session with the therapist and the child or young person undergoing assessment. Example Assessment Areas: Understanding and interpretation of movement (Vestibular), Using both sides of the body together(Bilateral integration).


Lastly, parents, carers, educators and relevant professionals are invited to Future Steps to discuss the clinical findings and scores, to make sure that the challenges identified are understood fully. This session will also confirm agreement with the finalised version of the assessment report and identify appropriate action going forward for the child or young person, through goals and potential clinical treatment and programme recommendations. Recommendation Example: Sensory Integration Treatment, Home/School Programme, Groups

What's the Process?

Stage One:

Talk to Us

Please chat to a member of our team about the challenges faced by your child, family or school. We’ll carry out questionnaire and find out if we are the service for you.

Stage Two:

Understanding of Need

After understanding the challenges of the child, young person or family,we are able to provide an individual costing for a clinical occupational therapy assessment.

Stage Three:

Individual Plan

A Sensory, Motor or Attachment assessment is carried out in the school or our clinic. Our measures are non-threatening fun tasks, providing our therapists with a clinical understanding of the child. You will receive a fully evidenced occupational therapy
report, complete with clinical findings and recommendations for treatment and programmes to meet the child’s needs and support
school staff.

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