About Julie Davis

I have worked in health and the private sector for over 25 years. Initially in the NHS where I established an Occupational Therapy service for children. I then co-owned a private occupational service for 13 years, which I left to pursue my dream of developing Future Steps Consultancy. A company based on commitment to changing the lives of children, young people, families and adults. Ensuring everyone can have access to the best occupational therapists who understand the sensory and neurological difficulties that cause sensory processing, behaviours and challenges that effect day to day lives.

Prior to Future Steps I completed numerous training course:

Sensory Integration Training Levels 1-3

Astro Training

Advanced Practitioner in Therapeutic Listening Programme

Neurological courses

Various course on seating, postural management, sleep systems, lycra garments, wheelchairs, conditions such as ASC, ADHD, DCD and many more…

Since 2015 I have completed Level 1/2 Intensive Mentorship: Hands-On Advanced Treatment at the STAR Institute for Sensory Processing Disorder ran by Lucy Miller, to further expand my knowledge in neuroscience; sensory processing and development. This took me to the USA. After this I decided to look at the link between Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) and Attachment. This took me on a range of courses to Italy, UK and Ireland, and has allowed me to become a Sensory Attachment Certified Therapist Level 1 and 2; trained in the Dynamic Maturation Model (DMM) model of attachment; School Aged Assessment (SAA); Child Attachment and Play Assessment (CAPA) and Meaning of the Child (MOTC). I am currently participating in world-wide attachment and sensory observation research with Eadaoin Breathnach and Occupational Therapists from Finland and the USA and more recently, (2018) I have commenced my master’s degree in Attachment and Trauma at Roehampton University. I have since passed my first year, gaining a PGC in Attachment and Trauma and am set to begin my second year in October 2019.

My company is exceptionally rewarding and allows me to develop educational programmes to ensure all children can reach their potential. Our outcomes speak volumes on the impact Future Steps has made to families lives and it allows us to work with various agencies in the field of paediatrics; working in Special and mainstream schools. I treat children and develop new programmes and models of service. My philosophy is to work together with professionals, educators and families, creating a service that responds to the individualised needs of the child and organisation, effectively making a difference to every child’s life.